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Solar Panel Mounts

In 2022 we moved again, this time onto land that was all ours! So it was time to set up the D.I.Y. solar system I had been prototyping. I've started with a meager three panels (at 200 watts each), but I had to start somewhere, and 600 watts isn't a terrible start either.

I looked around at a few options for mounting the panels and decided to go D.I.Y. again as an opportunity to beef up my non-existent carpentry skills. I was inspired by a low cost adjustable solar panel rack design and was able to go off the examples to build my own. The results aren't half bad, and the panels are now mounted and the angle is easily adjusted. Mission accomplished.

To anyone else about to mount some solar panels, I highly suggest using an app such as Sun Seeker before getting started. I almost mounted them in a location that seemed great but didn't get any sun in the winter.

Finished solar panel mounts
End result, soaking up the southern sun!

I forgot to take pictures of the frame which the panels are mounted to but I am especially proud of setting these 6inx6inx10ft posts all on my lonesome (and while keeping them all level!)

Unfinished solar panel mount
I attached the 2inx6in to one post first, set it and then used it to stabize and set the second one. A level taped to the 2inx6in helped immensely.