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In early 2020 I was mostly stuck indoors (just like everyone else) and wanted to try my hand at making some Gameboy bricks but I had neither a Gameboy nor any place to let portland cement cure without possibly getting evicted. So I improvised and made something worthwhile for these unprecedented times: VMU soap!

VMU Edition
The buttons are missing because the silicone aggressively adhered to them and ripped them off. I resolved this issue later by lightly applying oil to any buttons before pouring the silicone mold.

After finding a non-working Gameboy pocket on eBay, I scaled up my operation. I also experimented with mixing scents, dyes, and soap bases, and I even took special requests for various combinations from a few friends.

Gameboy Pocket Edition
Washing your hands with one of these soap bars is really fun, and it fits in your hand perfectly.