Thinkpad x200

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CPU Architecture Manufacturer Country OS
x86_64 Lenovo China NetBSD/amd64

Issues as of NetBSD 9.1

The list below is more of a personal list of things to look into. Might be useful to anyone else using the device.

Hardware Support

Component Status Notes
Fingerprint Reader Unknown Probably won't work but not concerned about it.
Audio Buttons Not working Not sure how to capture and bind them to commands
ThinkVantage Button Unknown Not worried about it, would be neat to map it to something.
Webcam Unknown Waiting for Cheese to build
Ultradock Audio Ports Not working I would expect this to be work, might be a hardware issue.
Ultradock Display Port Not working Panic when Booting with a Display port plugged in
Suspend Not working Might be related to booting from SD card


Component Status Notes
NVMM Not Supported A shame but CPU is too old.
Rust ?! Last time I tried to compile cargo system would reboot consistently.