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I maintain the following Pkgsrc packages

Package Tree Upstream Git CVS Notes
devel/aslc86k Pkgsrc Github CVSWeb
devel/lcdis Pkgsrc Github CVSWeb
devel/php-composer Pkgsrc Github CVSWeb
emulators/softvms Pkgsrc Github CVSWeb
security/php-gnupg Pkgsrc Github CVSWeb Only supports GPG v1
security/scm-blackbox Pkgsrc StackExchange/blackbox Github CVSWeb
sysutils/cdirip Pkgsrc jozip/cdirip Github CVSWeb
wip/avra WIP Ro5bert/avra Github N/A Needs more testing.
wip/cJSON WIP DaveGamble/cJSON Github N/A Need to create a file.
wip/dcdis WIP Github N/A Needs more testing.
wip/f3 WIP Github N/A Not working as expected on NetBSD.
wip/hungrycat WIP jwilk/hungrycat Github N/A Needs prep for import.
wip/newt WIP Github N/A Need to look into overlap with py-newt
wip/php-ast WIP nikic/php-ast Github N/A Prep for import.
wip/php-msgpack WIP msgpack/msgpack-php Github N/A Prep for import.
wip/php-snuffleupagus WIP Github N/A See TODO
wip/php-uuid WIP Github N/A Failing tests.
wip/pipes-c WIP pipeseroni/pipes.c Github N/A Issues with default pipe character on NetBSD.
wip/recidivm WIP Github N/A Might orphan.
wip/sds WIP antirez/sds Github N/A Might orphan.
wip/vmware-sercons WIP jclulow/vmware-sercons Github N/A Might orphan.
wip/zodiac WIP nuex/zodiac Github N/A Needs prep for import.